Saturday, October 20, 2012

Psychocean – Embryonal Confinement

Today I'm bringing to you Psychocean. Unfortunately, this is a very unknown band. They don't even have an entry at Metal Archives! What a waste! The first thought that came across my mind after listening to the first track was 'Hey I've already listened to something similar'. Then I realized the deep influence they had: Tool. They are probably the best Tool-inspired band that my ears have ever listen to. They have a lot of potential and I really hope they become widely known as deserved. One last note: the vocals are amazing too. Well I'm done with the writing, let's just listen to it!

Country: Italy
Genre: Progressive Metal /Rock, Psychedelic
Marco Giarratana - Vocals
Michele Cigna - Guitars 
Stefano Di Francisca - Bass
Antonio Calandra - Drums
1 - Overtones 
2 - Magmatism
3 - Birds Fly Deep Underneath The Water Expanse
4 - Embryonal Confinement

This album is available for free in digital format. Though, you can buy its physical format for a bargain. 

Free and legal digital format: Download
Official Homepage

Remember: If you liked their sound, support them!


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