Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vortech - Devoid of Life

As you should know, most of the bands that release their albums for free are quite new or unknown. 
However, it doesn't mean that these bands don't produce good music. To be honest, I'm always seeking for new bands. It is one of my favorite hobbies. Like I said, I'll post some of these bands for you.

Vortech is a Progressive/Industrial Thrash, Heavy Metal band as stated in metal archives. Nevertheless, I have to add something to that defintion. For me their true genre is somewhere between Industrial and Progressive with strong influences of black metal. But it's personal.

Vortech's info:

Debut Year: 

Country of Origin: 

Mikko Nikula - Vocals
Ville Miinala - Drums
Juha Untinen - Bass, Drums programming, Guitars, Vocals

Conclusion - 2006
Wasteland - 2007
Deep Beneath - 2008
Posthumanism - 2009
Devoid of Life - 2012

It is one of my favorite songs.

 If you compare this song with their old stuff you gonna see how much the band improved!

Check out their songs on MySpace!

You can download this album, Devoid of Life, and some other albums on their official homepage!

Remember: if you liked their sound, support them!

Keep Rockin'!


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