Saturday, April 28, 2012

Choice of the week

A new week is coming and with it a song.
From the latest album "Alpha Noir" of the portuguese band Moonspell, Lickanthrope.
Hope you enjoy it as I enjoyed!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rock in Rio 2012 - Lisbon

Hey  bangers! Rock in Rio will come back to Lisbon again. It will be the 5th edition here in Lisbon. As always, there’s gonna be a day dedicated to metal, 25th May (my birthday!). Well it’s RiR, a main stream festival so you can’t expect something too heavy.
Bands on the main stage:
  • Metallica
  • Evanescence
  • Mastodon
  • Sepultura and Tambours du Bronx

On the Sunset Stage:
  • Kreator + Andreas Kisser
  • Mão Morta + Pedro Laginha
  • RAMP + Teratron

I was really surprised to see a band like Kreator on the Sunset Stage.
 In general, I think it’s gonna be a hell of a day. But in my opinion, Evanescence doesn’t fit with the other bands and it’s clearly  a choice to make more people to come due to its popularity.
I promise I’ll make an in-depth review to every single  concert. I’m really excited to see Mastodon (again ) and specially Kreator.

Keep Rockin’!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dream Theater Live in Lisbon - Concert Review

                      Hey guys. A couple of weeks ago I went to a concert of this great band called Dream Theater (DT) on Lisbon. The first part was performed by Periphery. To be honest I hadn't listened to this band before that concert. First impression: Their genre is not similar to Dream Theater's. Wasn't expecting a band like this before DT. Their music is a bit screamy and sometimes reminds me a bit of emo scene. But they also have great songs and in general I enjoyed their small concert.

                   After that it was time for Dream Theater. Man these guys are HUGE musicians. Their music is wonderfull and their live performance is great. However, you may find it a bit boring because they play their songs just the way you heard on the album. But live performance is another thing... You can feel each song, it's fantastic! There was time for solos and some classics like pull me under. The portuguese croud is amazing and I believe they had a great moment playing for us. The only thing I disliked was the lack of communication but I don't blame them, they were really focused on what they were doing. They were actually feeling it.

               If you ever have the chance of going to a Dream Theater's show, take it! You certainly won't regret.

PS: I went to this concert very sick and I still loved it!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mayhem’s Euronymous Removed from Norwegian Airline Campaign

           Deceased black metal legend Euronymous of the band Mayhem was the front-runner in a contest that would’ve had his likeness on the tailfin of Norwegian Air jets.

Norwegian Air recently announced that they would honor a deceased Norwegian hero by putting their face on the tailfin of their jets. The selection was to be determined by a poll and it didn’t take long for the metal community to propel the deceased Mayhem guitarist Euronymous to the top of the list. Despite the large margin by which the guitarist — whose real name is Oystein Aarseth — led the pack of candidates, he has now been removed from the running.

According to The Gauntlet, Aarseth was not included on the short-list of candidates that were presented as the finalists because his family asked that he be excised from the campaign. “Naturally we respect their wishes,” said a Norwegian Air spokesperson.

The airline is most likely breathing a sigh of relief that their jets will not carry the face of the notorious guitarist, whose association with 1990′s church burnings would’ve no doubt hurt their image. Euronymous also stirred controversy by taking pictures of his bandmate Per “Dead” Ohlin after his 1991 suicide and making necklaces from pieces of his skull. Nothing about that says, “fly the friendly skies.”

Euronymous was brutally murdered in 1993 by his former bandmate Varg Vikernes, who stabbed the 25-year old guitarist 23 times.
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