Friday, December 14, 2012

Heavy Metal Television, a New online TV channel

The Heavy Metal Television was launched! It is a free online stream dedicated exclusively to Metal and Rock, streaming worldwide 24 hours a day in hi-def video and hi-fi audio.

Heavy Metal Television intends to bring the classic MTV format back to life with video clips of both classic and new bands. The channel will also feature special and rare contents, segments of interviews and some live performances.

You can watch it anytime you want. Just hit the image which is right on the side bar. Check this awesome project right now, you won't regret!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Metallica is now on Spotify

Metallica is now on Spotify!
"We're beyond excited to announce that music from every single Metallica album is now streaming on Spotify! In our never ending quest for total control of the way our music is presented, we always make it a point to be sure that we are offering you the very best service by partnering with ground-breaking technology companies. So with that said, we are extremely proud to be a part of Spotify, who not only has a proven track record, but is by far the best streaming service."
"We're always looking for more ways to get our music out to you, whether it's streaming live videos through our tour page on this site or offering downloads of live shows through Connecting with Spotify was the next logical step and we can't wait to see what the future brings!"
Spotify was launched in Sweden in 2008 and has grown into a massive world-wide service with on-demand access to over 20 million songs. You can create and manage all your play-lists, share them with your friends and add to them by importing MP3's you already own. Now you can also take Spotify with you through their new mobile app. Nowadays, Spotify is available only in several countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mastodon is working on a song to Disney's MONSTERS INC. prequel

A couple of days ago, the band posted the following status update:
"writing and recording a song for the new monster's inc.  movie!!"
This status refers to Monsters University, the prequel to the Disney/Pixar movie Monsters Inc. scheduled for release on June 21, 2013. We will have to wait until this date to hear this new song. How awesome is that? I mean, it's a Mastodon song in a nice movie.

It won't be the band's first adventure into the animated world. The band makes a legendary appearance in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, which can be seen right below.

I'm sure all of us will be pleased if they do something like that!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Existem - Existem (2011)

Hey guys! First of all, My apologies for the lack of activity lately. I had a lot of work in the past few weeks.

Anyway, to cheer you up I’m bringing to you as usual another free album. This time I found a fairly good progressive metal band called: Existem. This band is quite recent (May, 2010) but they have a lot of potential. 

The album I’m reviewing here is ‘Existem’ which is available for free as usual in this section. Regarding the album’s genre itself , an interesting aspect is the fact that in the same track you can listen to grunting/growling parts with heavy riffs as well as  ambient instrumental passages and jazzy parts with clear vocals. The way they do that change in this album is just amazing! You may find that change a bit forced or sudden but it sounds good to me.  Well I won’t say much more. You can find more information about them and this album right below.

Year: 2010
Country: Kansas City, USA
Genre: Progressive Metal

Brad Trinkl - Guitars, Synth, Glockenspiel
Chris Gochis - Guitars, Vocals, Piano
Ben Chipman - Bass, Vocals, Mandolin
Matthew Chipman - Drums, Percussion

2.From Whence We Came                         
3.Astral Seas                                    

This album is available for free in digital format. You just have to enter 0$ when asked. Though, it would be nice if you could contribute with something (there's no minimum).

Free and Legal digital format: Download

 Remember: If you liked their sound, support them! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

By Definiton - Eyes on Wires

Hey Rockers! It has been a long time since my last post.  Today, I'm bringing to you a band from UK, By Definition.This is their debut EP entitled Eyes on Wires. 
In a short note, I would say two good things they have: heavy riffs and good vocals. It's worth a try.

Year: 2010
Country: UK
Genre: Hard Rock / Stoner Metal
Vocals - Simon
Drums - Phil
Bass - J
Guitar - Dan
Guitar - Rob 

1 - To the bone
2 - Devils eye
3 - Stain the breeze
4 - Blue steel
5 - Plasma screams 

This album is available for free in digital format. Though, you can buy its physical format for a bargain. 

Free and Legal digital format: Download
Official Homepage

Remember: If you liked their sound, support them! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Psychocean – Embryonal Confinement

Today I'm bringing to you Psychocean. Unfortunately, this is a very unknown band. They don't even have an entry at Metal Archives! What a waste! The first thought that came across my mind after listening to the first track was 'Hey I've already listened to something similar'. Then I realized the deep influence they had: Tool. They are probably the best Tool-inspired band that my ears have ever listen to. They have a lot of potential and I really hope they become widely known as deserved. One last note: the vocals are amazing too. Well I'm done with the writing, let's just listen to it!

Country: Italy
Genre: Progressive Metal /Rock, Psychedelic
Marco Giarratana - Vocals
Michele Cigna - Guitars 
Stefano Di Francisca - Bass
Antonio Calandra - Drums
1 - Overtones 
2 - Magmatism
3 - Birds Fly Deep Underneath The Water Expanse
4 - Embryonal Confinement

This album is available for free in digital format. Though, you can buy its physical format for a bargain. 

Free and legal digital format: Download
Official Homepage

Remember: If you liked their sound, support them!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees 2013

The nominations for the class of 2013 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame were announced recently.

But what is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
"The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is a museum located on the shore of Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, United States. It is dedicated to archiving the history of some of the best-known and most influential artists, producers, engineers and others who have, in some major way, influenced the music industry through the genre of rock music."
from Wikipedia.
Nominees for 2013:
·    The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
·    Chic
·    Deep Purple
·    Heart
·    Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
·    Albert King
·    Kraftwerk
·    The Marvelettes
·    The Meters
·    Randy Newman
·    N.W.A
·    Procol Harum
·    Public Enemy
·    Rush
·    Donna Summer 

Some of these bands are globally known such as Deep Purple, Rush or Heart. 

To be eligible for nomination, an individual artist or band must have released its first single or album at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. The 2013 Nominees had to release their first recording no later than 1987.
 For the first time ever, the public will be able to vote along with industry insiders for the bands. Fans can cast their votes until December 5th for the nominees they'd like to see inducted.

You can vote HERE without any kind of registration. 

Vote wisely!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wacken Open Air (W:O:A)

             As a metal fan, I’m sure you know what Wacken ( W:O:A) is. However, some people who just arrived to this metal world may not know what it is. So, I’m gonna talk a bit about Wacken, the world’s most famous metal festival.

What is Wacken Opem Air (W:O:A)?

The logo of the Wacken Open Air festival is a dead cow head
Wacken Open Air is a summer open air heavy metal music festival. It takes place annually in the small town of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany.
The festival was first held in 1990 as an outlet for local German bands to get some publicity. It was founded by  Thomas Jensen and Holger Hübner.
By the late '90s, the festival became an international event, with bands from all over the world performing on one of the festivals four stages. In 1998 it already had over 70 bands from all over Europe, North America and Australia.
In 2002, Wacken began to last three days. Since same year, the Wacken Firefighters, the local volunteer fire department band, opens the festival.
W:O:A is usually held at the beginning of August. During these three days the festival-goers camp on several large camping grounds surrounding the actual festival area. The bands perform across some separate stages over the course of the event.
Nowadays, it has about 80,000 festival visitors every year.
In the last edition (2012), 8 months before the opening of the festival all 75.000 tickets were sold. The W:O:A 2012 took place with 137 bands, performing on seven stages.
The 2013 edition is already sold out as well. So if you want to go to W:O:A you'll have to wait for the 2014.
Take a look at the official trailer of Wacken 2013:

As you can see, it will another great edition with bands like Deep Purple, Arch Enemy, Nightwish or Anthrax  and so much more.

To finalize, just a small curiosity: Metallica never perfomed on Wacken. I guess they're too mainstream or too expensive to fit Wacken's lineup.
This is the stage where every metal band wants to play.

Official Homepage: Wacken
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top 5 Metallica songs

1.Master of Puppets
Album: Master of Puppets, 1986
This is one of the most  brilliant songs I’ve ever listened to. It has everything I like in a song: strong start, great riffs, a calm middle part and a heavy end. It has very catchy lyrics too.

2.Call of Ktulu (S&M version)
Album: S&M,
I know many of you may not even know this song. It is completely personal. I just love the S&M version of this song. In my point of view, this song is the most amazing instrumental in the history of Metal.  The beginning is creepy and it reminds me an introduction of a suspense film or something. Then the rhythm completely changes as well as the emotions it gives to you.  But the suspense thing is present all along.
As it is a different version here it is:

Album: Master of Puppets, 1986
Personally, I find this track very powerful and intense. Simultaneously, It goes strictly  to my top of old school thrash metal songs.

4.Seek n destroy
Album: Kill ‘Em All, 1983
Normally it is an encore song. Most of the time it is the last song on their shows.  It sounds way more awesome live than the studio version. This mainly happens  because it is a really good song to jam. A live version can easily reach about 20 minutes due to all the jam they usually do. Also they are very interactive while playing this song.

5.Enter Sandman
Album: Black Album, 1991
Surely this song doesn’t need much presentation. Its initial riff is probably the most famous one in the world of music in general. Although the lyrics aren’t that deep, they can be really catchy.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not a “Metallicaholic”! Nevertheless, they were the first metal band I’ve ever listened to. And it’s because of them that I started to enjoy metal as I do. So, I just felt to do a brainstorming about their songs and then I finally came up with this little list.
It was a hard task as they have a lot of good songs.

Keep Rockin’!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CRADLE OF FILTH Reveal Tracklisting

UK extreme metal band, Cradle of Filth, has revealed the track list for the band's upcoming 10th studio album, The Manticore and Other Horrors, due out October 30th in North America via Nuclear Blast Records.

1. The Unveiling of O
2. The Abhorrent
3. For Your Vulgar Delectation
4. Illicitus
5. Manticore
6. Frost On Her Pillow
7. Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair
8. Pallid Reflection
9. Siding With The Titans
10. Succumb To This
11. Nightmares Of An Ether Drinker
12. Death, The Great Adventure *Deluxe Edition Digipak
13. Sinfonia *Deluxe Edition Digipak

Recorded in eight weeks at both Springvale and Grindstone studios (where it was also mixed by Scott Atkins), Suffolk, the album is a testament to the longevity of The 'Filth, as not only does it reek of Cradle's (feared or revered) brand of delicious metal vamperotica, but this thoroughly modern album places the band firmly in fresh killing fields anew.

The Manticore and Other Horrors itself possesses an altogether new atmosphere for the band, incorporating a heavier, faster NWOBBM punk vibe that is both current and cruel, blended with ornate orchestration and the quirky immediateness of 2000's Midian opus.

Source: The Gauntlet
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